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Swift horses carry me Without fear and trembling Through the distant land. And whoever sees me, knows me, And whoever knows me, calls me: The homeless man... No one would dare To ask me about Where my home is: I have never been bound To space and fleeting time, Am as free as an eagle! ...
This is no book: what do books matter! What do coffins and shrouds matter! This is a will, this is a promise, This is a last bridge to break, This is an ocean wind, an anchor-weighing, A surging wheel, a steering course, The cannons roar with white gunsmoke, The sea laughs, the monster - This is no book: what do books matter! To these coffins and shrouds! The past is the prey of books: Yet within lives an eternal present.
This is the autumn. The sun crawls along the mountain And climbs up And rests with every step. Upon worn, strained threads The wind plays its song: Hope flees, He soughs to her. O fruit of the tree, Shaken, you fall! What lone secret did the night Reveal to you, That icy horror veiling your cheeks, Your crimson cheeks? I'm not beautiful, That's what the starflower says, But I love people, And I comfort people, They should see flowers now, Bend down to me, Alas! and break me - In their eyes then shines Memory of more beautiful things And happiness. I see it and then die, And die gladly. This is the autumn. -
Over man and animal, I grew too tall; Now when I speak - no one speaks with me at all. I grew too high and too lonely - I wait: on what do I wait only? Close by, the clouds are sitting: I wait on the first lightning.



Friedrich W. Nietzsche is known mostly as philosopher and classical philologist, although he would very likely not prefer this generalization for his versatile spirit.
We still bear ancient myths – so in dreams as in our daydream lives. By the most inner archetypes and visions we are connected through centuries. And here we are, where poetry can help us to connect even deeper with different lands, times, cultures and even languages. As we read a poem, we can shift through time like time travellers.
We came to the idea of presenting Nietzsche’s artistic nature. We found various fragments and poems (www.thenietzschechannel.com) and loved it. With all respect to German original (regarding its powerful expressions and word flexibility), we decided to use more mellow and musical English translations. Finally we chose poems, which addressed us the most because of their meaningfulness and beauty. The four chosen poems are short, but full and timeless. Mixture of colorful impressions of nature, emotions, overwhelming expressions and ineffability.

Without a Home is written in Nietzsche’s early years, however expressing still common experience of freedom, independence, selfreliance, lonelyness, lostness and experience of being homeless while the whole world is a home. Next three poems are impregnated with strong expressions as well, impressed by various natural phenomena. Mockery of Joyful Science depending strictly on (old) books, facing the live and unpredictable truth, wakes us up. This is the Autumn and Pine and Lightning were very sonorous poems – we heard and saw them very lively – they just called for music, full and intense as they are even as poems.
Nevertheless, let these written words be just an introduction. Each reader or listener is also a cocreator, open to variegate interpretations, understanding, hearing, visualizing etc. So let the content flow in its own way and let it communicate with each of you curious listeners.


released March 3, 2021

poetry by Friedrich Nietzsche (www.thenietzschechannel.com)
music by Martin Ukmar & Nastja Janžekovič
mastering by Andrej Pirjevec





tovariš strmoglavljen Sežana, Slovenia

Samovznikla forma na mozaiku človeške neumnosti. Je improvizirana, a vsebinsko načrtovana in strukturirana, vsakič malo drugačna, spontana, včasih brez repa in glave, ter si dovoli "izlete v nerazpoznavne svetove" in vplive trenutnih okoliščin. Je vselej živa, gibljiva in spremenljiva s svojim iskanjem skupne poti in sozvočja s paleto glasbil. ... more

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